What is ECR Desktop?

A cashier device for grocery stores owners equipped with 60,000 products including their prices, and covering all payment methods. Owners can issue and print a simplified VAT invoice and monitor sales through a performance dashboard.


  • Includes a Desktop Cashier device & barcode scanner & an installed Cashier application.
  • An advanced cashier device that has a built-in thermal printer and two 15-inch front and back screens.
  • 60,000 integrated products specified for grocery stores owners.
  • Ability to weigh and sell products.
  • Ability to register goods and link it directly to the inventory management.
  • Monitor sales across the performance dashboard.
  • In compliance with the standards and requirements of the municipality.
  • supports credit sale and records customer balances accurately.
  • supports refunds and integrates it with stocks and reports.
  • Generate reports related to inventory, customers, tax, etc… and the ability to share it with the accountants.
  • Issuing Simplified VAT receipts (Approved by ZATCA).
  • Ability to integrate between devices and branches to and give back consolidated reports.
  • 24/ 7 Support.
  • Site Visit training and training material.
  • Integrated with neoleap POS.
  • Cloud software.
  • Fully integrated with ZATCA and compatible with their regulations.
  • Real time stock & inventory management.

Terms and condtions

  • T&C's apply

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